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Dudhkunda Adventure Treks & Expedition is a travel company in Nepal where we offer our clients a unique and unforgettable adventure experience. We have experienced, licensed guides who provide excellent service quality to ensure guests have a fun, comfortable, and enjoyable trip. Our goal is to offer new experiences that allow travelers to heal, refresh, and discover themselves away from their daily routines.

If you’re considering trekking in Nepal, Dudhkunda Adventure Treks can provide a customized tour plan to make your trip exciting and memorable. By joining their tours, you’ll have a great time and support local tourism. We invite you to walk with Psithurism, which means listening to the sound of wind in the trees and making memories you’ll cherish forever.

Story About Managing Director

Hello everyone! As the director of Dudhkunda Adventure Treks, let me share a bit more about my journey. Born in 1968 in Kerung village of Solukhumbu district, my path mirrors the challenging trails of trekking itself.

Beginning my career at 14 as a Sherpa, I spent years as a porter and cook, mastering trekking intricacies. After earning guide and mountaineering diplomas, I worked with companies like Mandala Treks, broadening my skills. With 30+ years as a trekking guide and 13 as a mountaineer, I led successful expeditions to Annapurna and Tibet. In 1993, guided a Korean group to Annapurna 4 summit at 7525m; in 1998, led a Belgian group to Gurlamandhta summit at 7694m. Transitioning to Managing Director at Dudhkunda Adventure Treks, my linguistic versatility adds to our clients’ seamless experience.

Chhiring Tamang

Executive Director

Hi, I am Chhiring Tamang, and I was born in Kathmandu, Nepal. I am 21 years old and living in Kathmandu with my mom and dad, a director of Dudhkunda Adventure Treks.  Currently, I’m studying Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management at Nepal College of Travel and Tourism Management (NCTTM).

As being the son of the director of Dudhkunda Adventure Treks, I have seen my father’s hard times, his passion, and his struggle from a trekking guide to a director of Dudhkunda Adventure Treks. Seeing him this passionate about his work, I became interested in the same field.

After graduation, I am taking whole responsibility for my father’s business and decided to be part of his business. I have also completed my guide training at Nepal Mountain Academy, where I received my Trekking guide license. I have learned how to take care of travelers and handle/manage crew during the trip as a guide’s most important responsibility.

Pemba Sherpa

Trekking and Mountain Guide

I’m Pemba Sherpa, a mountain enthusiast born in 1980 in Kerung village of Solukhumbu, and currently residing near Ram Mandir in Kapan.

Over the past 14 years, I’ve not only navigated the heights as a trekking and mountaineering guide but also etched my mark on some of the most iconic peaks. From reaching 7200m on Mt Everest in 2011 to summiting Mt Thapa Peak and Mt Pisang Peak, conquering Mt Everest at 7500m in 2016, scaling Mt Manaslu at 6800m in 2017, to standing tall on the summit of Mt Aconcagua twice in 2019. These are few of my more than 50+ mountaineering expedition.

Beyond the heights, I bring qualities of dedication, hard work, and effective communication to the table. These traits, coupled with my love for the mountains, make me not just a guide but a companion on your journey through the breathtaking landscapes and challenges our renowned peaks present.

Excited to share the mountain stories and embark on this adventure together.

Dawa Tamang

Trekking Guide, Mountaineering Guide

Greetings, I’m Dawa Tamang, hailing from the breathtaking landscapes of Solukhumbu, born in 1979. Currently stationed in Kapan, Kathmandu, I carry the badge of a trekking enthusiast and guide.

 I’ve treaded the Nepali trails for a solid 15 years, soaking in the beauty of our diverse terrains. Over the past 6 years, I’ve served as a trekking guide, leading expeditions through renowned routes like Annapurna Circuit, Manaslu Circuit, Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Ghorepani Poon Hill, Mera Trek and Peak, Iceland Peak, and conquering the challenging Ama Lapcha Pass.

I am proficient in wide range of language; specially English, French, Korean and Hindi.

Married, competitive, and dedicated, I bring a professional touch to the adventure. If you seek an experienced guide for an unforgettable journey through Nepal’s majestic landscapes, I’m here to make it happen. Let’s embark on this expedition together

Nima Tamang

Trekking and Mountain Guide

I’m Nima Tamang, a seasoned mountaineering and trekking guide.

In 1997, I conquered Manaslu at 8163m. The pinnacle came in 2001 with Everest’s 8848m summit. Shishapangma followed in 2007 at 8013m, and in 2011, I stood atop Ama Dablam.

I have always been fond of such mountaineering activity and will always keep my heads up for more adventures like these.

Each ascent is a testament to my passion and commitment to the majestic world of mountaineering.

Bikram Tamang

Office Manager

Ngima Tamang

Trekking Guide

Pemba Tamang

High Mountain Climbing

Nourbu Tamang

Trekking Guide

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